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Isolating Waste from the Environment

Kurion’s technologies are modular, quickly deployable, minimize then stabilize nuclear and hazardous waste for safe, secure and permanent disposal.

Stabilizing Contaminated Soil On-Site

GeoMelt® is a commercially proven treatment process for toxic and hazardous waste that permanently immobilizes contaminants.

Answering the Call at Fukushima

Kurion’s cesium removal system is responsible for 70% of the radioactivity removed from the wastewater at Fukushima in its first nine months of operation.

Final Container Approach to Waste Treatment

GeoMelt® In-Container Vitrification (ICV™) is an in-container solution that converts waste into glass inside the final disposal container.

  • International Treaty to Aid Cleanup at Fukushima

    According to Bloomberg News, U.S. Department of Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz says Kurion “possesses technology for removing the radioactive isotope tritium from contaminated water” and “could deploy its technology at the Fukushima plant.”

  • Technical Solutions to a Global Challenge

    Kurion treats nuclear and hazardous waste around the world for safe, secure and permanent disposal.

    Kurion’s waste management platform is set to be the most cost-effective path to achieve a final glass form, the best-demonstrated technology for waste disposal.

  • Kurion Responsible for 70% of Radioactivity Removed from Water in First Nine Months at Fukushima

    Kurion was part of an international team of leading radioactive waste management companies to quickly deliver the first-ever external cooling system for a nuclear reactor.

    The Kurion team designed, fabricated and delivered its critical cesium-removal system in only five weeks.

  • Kurion Acquires GeoMelt® to Expand Vitrification Solutions

    On May 16, 2012, Kurion acquired all assets relating to the GeoMelt® business, providing a complementary and commercially proven vitrification process.

    GeoMelt’s processes have been in commercial use since the 1990s and have treated in excess of 26,000 tons of waste in the U.S., Japan and Australia.

  • A Solution for 200 Million Gallons of Nuclear Waste Worldwide

    Kurion’s Modular Vitrification System (MVS®) is designed to make vitrification (i.e., the process of converting waste into glass) widely accessible. Glass is considered to be “the gold standard” for nuclear waste because it immobilizes the radioactive elements for safe, secure and permanent disposal.

  • Kurion Founder and CEO John Raymont Selected as a 2012 Ernst & Young Entrepreneur Of The Year®

    Kurion Founder and CEO John Raymont received an Ernst & Young Entrepreneur Of The Year® 2012 Award in the business services category for Orange County. He is eligible for the Ernst & Young National Entrepreneur Of The Year® 2012 Award.

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