Kurion has two state-of-the-art modular vitrification systems that allow for on-site stabilization of waste.


Kurion’s GeoMelt® technologies are a group of patented and proprietary vitrification processes that are configured in a number of ways to meet a wide range of site remediation and waste treatment needs. GeolMelt® has safely and compliantly generated more than 26,000 tons of vitrified glass to stabilize nuclear, hazardous and mixed waste since the 1990s.

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Modular Vitrification System (MVS®)

Kurion’s Modular Vitrification System (MVS®) is a single-cycle, inductively heated, melt-in-the-final-container system. MVS® has the potential to offer cost, schedule, and safety advantages over competing vitrification technologies due to its ease of scalability, waste insensitivity, ability to receive either dry solids or slurry feed, absence of molten glass pouring, viscosity independence, and wider range of process temperatures.

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