Technologies Overview

Technologies Overview

Kurion offers key technologies for waste minimization and stabilization. These technologies are used to treat nuclear and hazardous waste for safe, secure and permanent disposal.

Separation Technologies

Ion Specific Media (ISM)

Kurion has developed several classes of Ion Specific Media (ISM) to selectively remove hazardous ions from aqueous waste streams. Many of the byproducts of the fission process are ions dissolved in water that emit alpha, beta and gamma particles. Of highest concern are environmentally relevant ions and ions which have relatively long half-lives, such as: 137Cs+ (~30 year half-life), 90Sr2+ (~30 year half-life), 63Ni2+, 58/60Co2+, 129Sb (as [Sb(OH)6]-), 129I-, 99Tc (as TcO4-), among others. These ions can be captured by ISM using a process called ion-exchange. Since June 2011, Kurion’s ISM’s have been used to treat 134/137Cs+ from the wastewater at the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant site. Once used, these exclusively inorganic media can be vitrified with Kurion’s stabilization technologies, MVS® and GeoMelt®

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Stabilization Technologies


In 2012 Kurion acquired GeoMelt® Technologies from Impact Services. The GeoMelt® In-Container Vitrification (ICV™) approach complements and shares several key traits of Kurion’s Modular Vitrification System (MVS®) – it is a cost-effective, modular, robust and easily deployable in-container solution. Where the ICV™ approach has strengths in debris-laden or pre-containerized waste, the MVS® is ideal for liquid and tank waste where temperature, glass former and process flexibility is important to address waste streams with varying and/or challenging chemistries and densities. GeoMelt® has been used all over the world and has many different applications. From hazardous waste (e.g., PCB's) to nuclear waste to mixed waste (both hazardous and nuclear), GeoMelt® is a proven technology for stabilization.

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Modular Vitrification System (MVS®)

Kurion has developed a Modular Vitrification System (MVS®), which turns Kurion ISM and other media into glass. The MVS® is a proprietary in-container, hot-walled induction process that the company is maturing into a scalable and low-cost application of vitrification (a volume reduction and stabilization process that immobilizes waste in a leach-resistant glass matrix so that the resulting waste form provides the ultimate assurance of long-term environmental isolation). Kurion is working with Pacific Northwest National Laboratory to demonstrate this technology on radioactive waste and radioactive simulants.

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